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Kinghaven Addiction creates an environment for transformation, hope and healing. We are a group of addiction and mental health professionals located in the Houston and Dallas surrounding areas of Texas, with a passion for helping individuals and their families reach their highest potential through professional, superior, and personalized mental health care, in an environment filled with optimum dignity and respect. 

At Kinghaven Addiction, we understand that therapeutic journeys present themselves differently in every individual, and this means that at whatever mental health path need, we will guide your through the process until you attain your fullest potential. Our services are offered on-site with the individual, family, couple, or group at the home, school, office, or other locations. 

Who We Are

We specialize in meeting people at whatever point of addiction treatment needs they are at, by offering a full spectrum of care: intensive outpatient treatment, recovery coaching and parenting groups. We focus solely on the individual by adopting and utilizing a plethora of mental health approaches to care.  

Our Core Values

  • Service: We provide leading service, quality professionalism and responsiveness. 
  • Collaboration: We are one team. With our diverse team, we aspire to provide optimum care for our patients.  
  • Expertise: We aspire to be experts in our field and share our knowledge with each-other. 
  • Family Culture: We provide a supportive environment that empowers our team to grow, learn and thrive. 
  • Improvement: We understand that small scale improvements can result in major positive changes. 

Our Therapy Philosophy

  • To provide services to meet your personal needs and goals with a comprehensive plan 
  • Individual, family, or group counseling, psychological and psychiatric services. 
  • To accept and respect your right to privacy. 
  • To provide unique, specialized opportunities for your learning and personal growth. 
  • To respond to your needs as soon as possible 

Our Professional Team

Our professional team is led by medical and clinical directors which include: 

  • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors  
  • Licensed Professional Counselors  
  • Board Certified Psychiatrists 
  • Licensed Psychologists 
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers 
  • Rehabilitation Counselors CRC (Certified Rehabilitation Counselor) 

All therapists are licensed by the state of Texas to provide mental health treatment. Regulation of these professions is done by the following government agencies: 

  • Texas Association of Addiction Professionals 
  • Texas State Board of Psychologists 
  • Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors 
  • Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners 
  • All therapists and administrative staff members meet HIPAA compliancy regulations for health care information privacy 


Jennetta Minyon

Substance Abuse Program Director

Ms Jennetta Carter has been in the field of addiction science since 2002. She uses her degree in Human Services and Health Care Management to gain an understanding of the social aspect of addiction and the complex role it plays in the family unit and in the client's social structure. She has an MBA in Health Care Management and is currently in the dissertation phase of her PhD in Addiction Science. Her studies in co-occurring emotional disorders and addiction have given her an in-depth understanding of the complexity of addiction. “Addiction just does not happen in a bubble” is her outlook when working with an individual or with a family unit. Ms Jennetta Carter has devoted her career to developing treatment programs and achieving accreditation status. She has devoted her career to addressing the origins of behaviors that lead to addictive disorders and devising treatment programs to meet the needs of those with such disorders.

At Kinghaven Counseling Addiction program, we are always looking for talented and caring professionals to join our team!

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