We offer a variety of intervention services by providing support, guidance, education, and inclusion. Our goal is to provide everyone experiencing or impacted by addiction, professional guidance and services to all in need of recovery.


Our team of professionals are dedicated to helping people break free of substance abuse. Regardless of the substance type or the length of the addiction, we know that it is never too late to reclaim your life and your freedom.

Individual Therapy

Our one-on-one therapeutic session with a specialist offer a personalized, in-depth approach to your recovery. The therapy process encourages you to be vulnerable and is an effective and valuable form of healing.

Family Case Management

At Kinghaven Counseling Addiction program, our goal is to is to develop a long-term care plan with our patients, helping them address their own unique needs and matching them with our community partners.

Family Coaching

Family Coaching for our patients and their loved ones is an effective way to help them figure out what they want, what is keeping them from getting there and how to get there. Our strategy is family-focused.

Recovery Coaching

Our Recovery Coaching program promotes recovery and removes barriers and obstacles to recovery. Our Recovery Coordinators serve as an intermediary between the client and their families.

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