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Kinghaven Counseling Addiction  has a passion for helping individuals and their families reach their highest potential through professional, superior, and personalized mental health care, in in an environment filled with optimum dignity and respect. 

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Welcome to Kinghaven Counseling Addiction Program

Kinghaven Counseling Addiction program creates the perfect environment for transformation, hope and healing. We are a group of addiction and mental health professionals located in the Houston area of Texas, with a passion for helping individuals and their families reach their highest potential through professional, superior, and personalized mental health care, in in an environment filled with optimum dignity and respect. 

At Kinghaven Counseling Addiction program, we understand that therapeutic journeys present themselves differently in every individual, and this means that at whatever mental health path need, we will guide your through the process until you attain your fullest potential. Our services are offered on-site with the individual, family, couple, or group at the home, school, office, or other locations.  

Our programs

At Kinghaven Counseling Addiction program, each of our programs and services are customized to support the individual needs of our patients. Our professional, exceptional, and compassionate staff are dedicated to helping you, your loved one or patient overcome their substance use disorder. Each treatment will address all sides of the addiction and any co-occurring illnesses — mental or physical 

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Intensive Outpatient treatment

With our intensive outpatient service, we offer a comprehensive and robust treatment plan, while allowing the time and freedom to attend to personal and professional obligations while living at home or in sober living environments.

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Recovery Coaching

Making healthy changes can be difficult, but you do not have to do it alone. We understand staying connected to recovery programming and support after completing a formalized treatment program has a positive impact on long-term recovery.

Parenting Group

Family support, in all essence, is one of the most important assets an individual can have during addiction recovery. Substance addiction is a physically and emotionally devastating disease that requires a long-standing, stable support system to get through.

Services We Offer

Kinghaven Counseling Addiction Program offers a variety of addiction support based on individual or family needs.

At Kinghaven Counseling Addiction Program, we offer a variety of intervention services by providing support, guidance, and inclusion. 

At Kinghaven Counseling Addiction Program, our team of professionals are dedicated to helping people break free of substance abuse.

Our One-on-one therapeutic sessions with a specialist offer a personalized, in-depth approach to your recovery. 

Our goal is to is to develop a long-term care plan by helping them address their own unique needs and matching them with our community partners.

Family coaching is about helping clients figure out what they want, what is keeping them from getting there and how to get there.

Individuals who maintain their recovery beyond the first 90 days of sobriety have significantly increased odds of maintaining sobriety.

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